Why Choose us

Two Decades of experience in Shipping Industry

AMEYA SHIPPING is reliable and steadfast today and in the future. Our strategy is treating our clients as partners and sharing what we know with them, this has paid limitless surpluses. Both for us and for those we serve. The AMEYA SHIPPING group has a solid economic presence as a result of its success in serving its many clients; hence we are able to concentrate on providing services instead of having to worry about survival.

50+ Man Years of experience in Shipping & Logistics


Charters Moved


Happy Clients


Seamen Recruited

Technical Ship Management

Planned Maintenance

Ship owners direct status information about many aspects of management

Repair & Maintenance

Competitive high quality standards on repair works large and small

Dry Dockings & Repair

Reduce costs of major repairs and provide expert supervision of all work

Compliance Audits

Carries out audit planning, preparation and compliance for ISM and ISPS

Stores Acquisition & Supply

All transactions are accessible by clients with regular audits

Voyage Planning & Bunkering

Provide strategic voyage planning & contact with all bunkering providers

With our unrivalled network within India and Overseas Service Providers and Workforce we serve you better.


Crew Management

These services are provided by ASPL for a broad range of cargo vessels.

Trading vessels Delivery

We undertake to provide Single Delivery Voyage to Ship Demolition Yard.


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