Technical Management

Technical Management includes all the services that maximizes the working proficiency and physical condition of a vessel throughout its working life in compliance with the necessities of industry regulators, our ship owning customers and our customer’s customers. These services consist the supervision of dry dockings and major repairs, purchasing, vessel inspection and budget control. Service delivery is supported by a rigorous approach to safety, security and environmental protection. Ameya Shipping is the key brand for technical management with staff ashore and at sea offering skills and experience for most cargo vessel types through a global network. Ameya Shipping, SMS confirms that high effective standards are sustained on managed vessels. For FSOs/FPSOs and other offshore assets, facilities are provided through Ameya Shipping Offshore team.

We understand that constant operation of vessel is chief priority of Owners. Our Technical team is proficient of guiding & handling all types of preventive maintenance on board. Our management is fully aware that safeguarding these vessels’ and their owners’ interest require the highly effectual utilization of the crew. Prior posting of crew on board, care is taken to update the information of crew for the requirements of particular vessels. We provide highly competent, motivated and enthusiastic seafarers who fulfil the challenging requirements of this current market. On board crew is the key to a vessel’s safe and smooth routine operation. At Ameya Shipping, we understand that crew management is one of the most significant factors in running the vessels. We arrange Ship’s spares- parts and repairs at most efficient cost, which is the prime aim of Ameya Shipping. Owners will be able to access reports and data concerning the running of their vessels over an open Book Based Reporting System. Ameya Shipping is thus in the condition to provide ship owners with up-to-date information regarding their particular vessel under our management. The purpose is to deliver the utmost clear management system possible for ship-owners needing the very latest information about their vessels – may it be of a technical, crew, accounting or other related nature. Being a one stop provider of crew management amenities, the following activities form an essential part of our services. It is the procedure of Ameya Shipping to function all managed vessels in compliance with uppermost safety standards. We guarantee that all managed vessels operate in accord with:

  • Ship-owner’s requirements.
  • Design requirements.
  • Flag state and class requirements.
  • - Most importantly as per the ISM Code.

We have a team of highly skilled Engine Superintendent and Master Mariners to manage the Technical and Quality features of our system. The Superintendent is accountable for monitoring the vessel's condition and all aspects of their performance and operation, including:

  • Charter Party Requirements.
  • Safe and well-organized cargo handling and cargo conditioning.
  • Strategic and project maintenance.
  • Consistent condition assessment.
  • PSC Inspection Preparation.
  • Dry dock planning and supervision.
  • Budget control.
  • Certification and vetting.

Technical Ship Management

Planned maintenance

AMEYA SHIPPING uses to Star Fleet management system for maximum efficiency in a variety of applications:

  • maintenance work planning and spare parts handling.
  • document handling.
  • event handling in line with company and statutory requirements.
  • online reporting and managing all aspects of vessel operations.

Star also provides ship owners direct status information about many aspects of the management contract.

Repair and maintenance

Our wide network of expert staff and contacts with selected local engineering companies guarantees competitive high quality standards on repair works large and small.

Dry Dockings and repair

All AMEYA SHIPPING offices have contracts with major dockyards in their regions to reduce costs of major repairs and provide expert supervision of all work. The result is a respected record of budget compliance and on-time completion. As well as routine dockings, ASP has expertise in lay-up and reactivation, conversions and major refits.

Compliance audits

AMEYA SHIPPING carries out audit planning, preparation and compliance for ISM and ISPS and all other statutory compliance requirements.

Stores acquisition and supply

Acquisition and supply of stores by ASP-managed ships is done through the Star Fleet management system, and linked to the Axapta accounting system. All transactions are accessible by clients with regular audits and reporting being readily available.

Voyage planning

AMEYA SHIPPING specialists can provide strategic voyage planning for maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness and safety.


Close contact with all bunkering providers in strategic global locations means AMEYA SHIPPING clients receive first-class bunkering services at the most competitive prices.