About Ameya Shipping

AMEYA SHIPPING focusses in providing its clientele with complete business assistance, innovative solutions to broad spectra of commercial complications, professional execution of all manner of dealings, and full access to shipping markets.


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With our unrivalled network within India and Overseas Service Providers and Workforce we serve you better.

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The proficient services company is able to offer are chartering and brokerage services, strategic advice, logistical support and market research and consultancy services. With a worldwide presence in all major shipping markets and proud history of 2 decades of services to the marine industry, AMEYA SHIPPING is more than just qualified to answer the needs of its clients. On a daily basis AMEYA SHIPPING professionals rely on a combination of market intelligence, understanding and insight, combined with the global coverage a multinational shipping organization can provide, in order to assist clients in seizing opportunities and in managing risk.

AMEYA SHIPPING is reliable and steadfast today and in the future. Our strategy is treating our clients as partners and sharing what we know with them, this has paid limitless surpluses. Both for us and for those we serve. The AMEYA SHIPPING group has a solid economic presence as a result of its success in serving its many clients; hence we are able to concentrate on providing services instead of having to worry about survival.